Are you having midlife crisis?

18 Oct 2013

Check the symptoms to find it out…
Editorial illustrations for family magazine “PerejaKodu”

A Frog Kiss is in English now!

30 Aug 2013

To all my English speaking friends. Have a nice last days of summer!

What did you learn in school today?

09 Aug 2013

Not enough, I have to go back tomorrow!

More boys pictures

09 Jul 2013

Fresh issue of children magazine “Täheke” is out now. These pictures are made for illustrate Aino Pervik story.

Graafilise disaini festival 2013!!!

31 May 2013

Juba homme teeb uksed lahti Kekishevi juhtimise all aina suurejoonelisemalt hingav festival. Sellises koguses iga aastast plakatikunsti ei näe lähiregiooniski, seepärast on põhjust külastada Haapsalu linnakest, kus üritus aset leiab.

Oli au olla selle aasta züriis ja peab ütlema, et leidsin endale mitu uut lemmikut, kellel tasub edaspidigi silm peal hoida. Tahaks neid siingi näidata aga ootame avamise ära ja siis lingin siiagi valiku töödest.

Ma kutsuks ka zoovolinikku näitust külastama, kuidagi väga kreenis on tulemus meeste kasuks. Aga looduse vastu vist ei saa – mehed lihtsalt on paremad kokad.

Girls set the rules

08 May 2013

New picture and…

an article for my finnish spoken friends on Tuglas webpage.


26 Apr 2013

Article about picture makers from both side of Finnish gulf. With my, Kertu’s
and Liisa’s pictures!
This is the magazine I always asking friends to bring me from Finland.
Because it is done by deep fans of illustration and it shows on every page.
Visually and contextually. And now the first issue of 2013 came to my mailbox by itself 🙂

Keep going Kuvittaja!….a real landmark to us to start something similar here.

very wet story

24 Apr 2013

…..and quite wet cover, too.

Smells like a new!!!!!

12 Apr 2013

I’m holding “A Frog’s Kiss” picture book in my hand at least
and I’am very happy about it.

The modern fairy tale is written by the most popular Estonian
writer Andrus Kivirähk.

This is a book about how a fairy tale can turn out
totally differently than written in the book.
According to the fairy tale the frog should turn into a
princess after being kissed but something unexpected might
happen. The kisser itself might turn into frog!

So wach out when kissing strangers!


detail from the new book

25 Mar 2013